About Us

We are a specialized medical clinic that offers a comprehensive approach to patients of all ages after injuries, accidents or simply having a problem with pain and restoring them to their pre-injury mobility. We focus on understanding the patient's needs, diagnosing the source of pain and working on alleviating it using all available therapeutic methods. We operate by combining vast knowledge, high qualifications of our physiotherapists and professional diagnostic and therapeutic equipment. Our clinic is one of the few facilities in Ireland that uses the latest BTL equipment in shock wave therapy.

We specialize in the treatment of injuries: 
back and neck,
cervical spine injuries,
heel spurs,
plantar fasciitis,
frozen shoulder,
tennis elbow,
sports injuries,
and many other.

We invite you to CareCore Clinic!

About the team

Anna Nartowska MSc, BSc,

Chartered Physiotherapist 

MISCP 15069, CORU PT024073

Anna was awarded her Masters degree from the Poznan University of Physical Education Poland in 2008. Her extensive and extended education includes full qualifications in Physical Therapy, Orthopedic Manual Therapy, Osteopathic Manipulative Therapy, Physiotherapy in Uro-Gynaecology, Dry Needling & Trigger Point Therapy and Therapeutic and Lymphatic Massage with Kinesio Taping.

With nearly 15 years of experience in the healthcare industry, Anna Nartowska is a well established and highly respected chartered physiotherapist based in Cork, Ireland. Her mission and passion is to help her patients eliminate or find relief from pain that stems from accidents, injury or chronic ailments.

Armed with her education and experience she loves to see the beneficial results of their hard work and is committed to bring smiles back to those who were once in pain.

Having worked in a wide variety of arenas, Anna has had the honor of working with and supporting semi professional and professional athletes, including Olympians. In 2022, Anna was chosen to be an official physiotherapist for a major Cork City Sports event where she supported and cared for high profile athletes like Caster Semenya.

Known for her enthusiastic, friendly and positive attitude, Anna naturally puts those around her at ease and her compassion for people is tangible. With that she supports Special Olympics Ireland as a volunteering member. In her free time, Anna participates in a variety of activities that help her maintain a healthy and active lifestyle and she is always up for a good adventure.

Magdalena Chapska

Magdalena Chapska is a highly skilled and compassionate massage therapist who has been helping people feel better for over 8 years. Having received her technical massage certification in Poland, Magdalena specializes in: deep tissue, drainage massage, bamboo stick massage, body wrapping, Chinese Bubble massage, hot stone massage, sport massage and head & neck massage.

Magdalena is committed to helping her patients find pain relief and relaxation through the healing art of massage therapy and ever eager to improve her technique and increase her knowledge base, she regularly attends training courses and classes that strengthen her professional foundation and development.

Magdalena’s passion for her work coupled with her deep dedication to her clients makes her a highly sought after massage therapist. Whether you are seeking relief from chronic pain or you simply want to relax and unwind, Magdalena will provide the exceptional care that you need and deserve.

She enjoys a healthy and active lifestyle with her husband and daughter and in her free time, you can find her reading and traveling.

Denis Corkery

Denis Corkery knows pain. After playing football and hurling in his youth, he realized that he loved to try new sports and participated in a wide variety of mountain and adventure sport while simultaneously working in the physically demanding industry of landscaping and construction he sustained a variety of injuries throughout his career.

When it came to treatment Denis worked with a number of physio/physical therapists, yoga and Pilates instructors and gyms. Having found varied success in outcomes and having a keen interest in the fitness and wellness industry, he returned to college to study physical therapy and Osteopathy.

Through his training and experience of injuries and treatment Denis identified a gap in the market that when filled would vastly improve treatment outcomes for a wide variety of injuries, the key factors are a multifaceted and holistic approach to treatment and good communication with patient in a language that they can relate to and understand, this is something he is constantly aware of and is working to improve on a constant basis.

Denis also believes many people avoid treatment for a number of reasons including financial, lack of disposable time, and a misguided attitude towards getting older, by using a multi-faceted approach and educating patients on their injuries while also being flexible with appointment times, he can provide a cost-effective treatment plan with long term results at the convenience of the patient.

Denis still enjoys a very active lifestyle, is a qualified yoga instructor and is constantly pursuing new approaches to treatment and learning about the human body.